Areola Tattooing

This woman went to another Permanent cosmetic specialist and was just pigmented on the white scars around areola. I corrected her by softening the edges and filling in areola to make it appear more natural.

This is after, as you can see it is corrected and blended to a more natural appearance.

This is a bilateral mastectomy before.

This is immediately after and will heal 25% lighter and softer. Scars are less obvious.

A breast reduction with white scars around areola.

This is after, we filled in the scars and added pigment to the areola as well.

A breast reduction before where the right areola and breast is smaller then the left. She desired more symmetry.

This is after, as you can see the left breast is lower and areola is slightly bigger but it is much less obvious.

This is a bilateral mastectomy before.

This photo was taken before touch up visit. At this point we fill in the areas that healed lighter.

Uneven Areola and loss of pigment 

After creating more symmetry and adding pigment to areola




After - she desired heart shaped areolas and we created  3-D nipples